Adrian Keats   

Born February 27, 1958 in Newcastle, New Brunswick, Canada.  Harbouring a lifelong dream to paint and armed only with a brush and canvas, Adrian Keats embarked on a new career that has remarkably gone on to produce several masterpieces.

Adrian lived all of his childhood years in the Maritimes before, in 1981, he moved to Toronto to continue with his education. After graduating he embarked on a career as a spiritual advisor. This would eventually lead to his writing and publishing several books on personal development. While through his extensive lecturing and counselling work Adrian earned a national reputation that garnered him numerous radio and television appearances.

Always possessing a strong artistic bent, however, he then elected to study film in California. Returning to Canada in 2002, he moved on to produce, write, and direct several independent films. For Adrian though, this was not enough. Secretly, he always dreamed of painting, and in an unexpected move several short years ago, and without any formal training, he just started to paint.

Remarkably, he has since created scores of outstanding canvasses that have been exhibited and admired in numerous shows and exhibitions.

Painting has become one of his major joys. Seeing his creations, it is plainly obvious to all why he feels he has finally found his truest love and area of greatest achievement and satisfaction.

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